Difference Between Cheap Logo Design & Expensive Logo Design


Have you ever wondered why you should pay a hefty cost for a business logo when you could have one designed for a modest amount? Moreover, you can easily find logo design services on the internet that offer logos for a way cheaper price. Thus, it’s indeed valid to ask why you should pay more for the design when you can obtain something “similar” for less money.

However, “similar” isn’t exactly the same. There is a lot of difference between cheap logo designs vs expensive logo design. And your choice will definitely have a significant impact on your public image and sales.

Here are Some Differences Between Cheap Logo Design vs Expensive Logo Design:

Cheap logo designs aren’t well-calibrated

While choosing the less expensive option may appear appealing, keep in mind that you will only receive the logo. The rest is up to luck. For instance, take the concept of how you’ll apply the design in various scenarios i.e., is it compact and suitable enough to be used in your business cards etc.? Also, social media advertising is another indispensable aspect.

When investing in cheap logo designs, many people have little to no knowledge of these critical fundamentals. It’s a one-time product rather than a service. You will undoubtedly find a place for using the logo, but it’s very much possible that you may not be able to use it anywhere else.

The Expensive Logo Design Methodology

When you only need a logo, there’s no need to go through a lengthy creative process. There is a significant variation between less expensive and more expensive professional designs. Most importantly, when you are investing in your company’s brand identity, you’re receiving the entire visual identity system.

Professional designs can help you figure out what colours to use, where and why, as well as how they should appear on various marketing channels. Cheap designs, on the other hand, are intended for firms with little to no vision. Thus, if you want your logo to help your business grow and expand, you must invest in the design process.

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Understanding Your Business and Needs

Cheap logo designers hardly ever take the time to learn about your business or its requirements. On the contrary, a professional designer will always work with you to try and understand your business as much as possible.

This is essentially the first step towards building the best logo that works for your business. Thus, organize a kick-off meeting with your new designer and help your designer understand the ins and outs of your business.

The Simple Solution

Although cheap logo designs may appear to be quite basic, they are frequently the simplest choice. For instance, consider a low-cost pet store design. Its main icon will most likely be a paw or a bone or something similar.

Typically, that’s something a high school student could have easily done. Rather, you want a logo designed by an expert with years of experience in the area. You want someone who has mastered the design process and has learned from his or her numerous mistakes in order to avoid doing them again. That kind of experience isn’t inexpensive.

It’s More Than a Logo

As previously mentioned, low-cost logos are simply logos, nothing more. In the less expensive design possibilities, there is seldom a sense of brand. There is almost never any thought given to the colour of the typeface or how the brand should be portrayed.

A professional designer or agency, on the other hand, can assist you in developing the ideal visual identity system for your brand. A professional agency can assist you in amplifying your company’s brand to its full potential.

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Quality Variation of Logo

A cheap logo design and one created by a professional agency are vastly different. The outcomes speak for themselves. A good design and impressive design must be simple, versatile, timeless and appropriate in every aspect. Cheap designs aren’t always excellent designs, especially when it comes to accuracy.

The Professional Debacle:

There’s also a big dispute about how professional logo designs should be. Cheap logos are almost always created by “bedroom designers.” Almost never do these designers employ the appropriate software for the job.

The majority of designs are raster files rather than vector files. It’s not enough to have your logo in JPEG format, especially if you require it in numerous file formats.

Then there’s the option of hiring offshore designers. However, majority of them are based thousands of miles distant. As a result, there’s never a genuine connection or relationship. The language and design brief become a topic of contention at this point.

To create a good logo, you need a well-written design brief that is pretty specific and tells the designer exactly what you want. To achieve the finest results, working with reputed professional agencies is definitely the best idea.

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Qualifications & Experience:

University degrees and certificates don’t matter if you have the talent and expertise to back up your design prowess. Experience, on the other hand, does. Designing a few logos for competition websites does not imply that you are a skilled designer. You must also have a portfolio of your work, as well as proof to show that your work has been fruitful to clients and they are using it.

The way your designer interacts with you and follows through on any design needs you have is also an important factor. As is evident, designing is only one aspect of the overall process. Designers gain experience over time as they learn from their failures and build on their achievements.

All of this becomes helpful when designing a logo, especially for a well-known brand. Thus, experienced professional designers can indeed turn out to be of great significance for your business.


Pertaining to the context above, it is easy to see the differences between a cheap logo designs vs expensive logo design. Examine the level of service provided as well as the design process. However, it doesn’t mean that cheap designs do not serve the purpose.

There is a place for low-cost designs as well. They’re for companies who have little to no brand vision. However, if you want to take your company to the next level, you require more than a simple logo design. And working with a design studio that helps you fulfil your vision is definitely an investment worth it!

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