8 Logo Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2024


A logo is not just the representative of the company, it’s like the placard of the team you are cheering or a mirror of the time of times it was made. — Prashant Gupta

To know and design one for your own company calls for multiple considerations and information. What better time than the beginning of the year.

8 Logo Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2024:

⦁ Responsive, contextual logos
⦁ Architectural inspiration
⦁ Fun! (Creating an energy and vibe.)
⦁ Pushing metaphors to the extreme
⦁ Experimental techniques in typography
⦁ Grid-based logos
⦁ Layering and masking of patterns and color
⦁ Simple typography paired with monograms

1. Responsive and Contextual Logos

An Important thing which comes along with the making the logo apart from the ‘look’ of it, it being the prime, is the understanding of various contexts and places the logo is going to be applied. The logo is going to find its place on the business cards, signs, installations, advertisements and posters.

Also, some thought in regard to your brand makes a huge difference, like it was a coffee brand or an architectural brand, putting elements related to the nature of the business.

2. Architectural Inspiration

If you have ever entered a store of ‘Starbucks’ or ‘Apple” you would understand that there is a feel to it, a certain vibe which it exudes. Physical space has been integral in creating a brand identity. With the advancements and the basic understanding of consumer psychology, the designers try to put life into the brand and its visual manifestation, logo.

This is supposed to stick with the customers as it becomes easy to recall. Marketers would agree with the importance of “brand recall value” through the logo.

3. Fun

Some great man once said, if you can have fun with it, you can do it well. For making a good logo, that’s the catch. A logo does not always have to be representative of something with the weight of following company standards, choose to have fun with it. Get some designs, bring in some color, but some characters and add some dazzle.

You don’t have to make it very animated for people to stop considering as a logo but make it something fun for people to be able to relate and get attention.

4. Pushing Metaphors to the extreme

Metaphors have the power to speak volumes using only a few phrases or sentences. More than being hot with modern literature it is very well equipped to be used in the marketing world and with logos.

They can bring in curiosity. Metaphors can also include an umbrella of things unlike the effort of a single-sided visual. For a medium which opens the scope of creative possibilities in the branding so big, it makes sense to tap it’s potential.

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5. Experimental Techniques in Typography

Typography being a thing so simple can create a huge impact if experimented well with it. Thanks to the new technology and altering the old ones and bringing the new ones both have become very easier.

All it needs is some creativity and effort. There are photographic and illustrative techniques aplenty to apply it differently. The creative technique brings in the typography to a new exciting feel which is organic yet intriguing.

6. Grid-Based Logos

Research has shown that symmetry is attractive and appealing to the eyes of the viewers, be it in furniture, faces or a thing like a logo. Grids have the power to depict logic, theory, hold over the matter and serious work. Grids are naturally attractive.

Also coming in the practical parts, their placing becomes easier. Find out more interesting ways to sync your grids in the right order.

7. Layering and Masking of Patterns and Color

Layering and masking are one of those classy techniques which people don’t seem to have a clear visibility of these days, it’s forgotten.

This includes revealing the design one after another to show patterns, color and shapes in a successive order to create an impact on the logo. It’s high time we shift the spotlight to the technique of layering and masking.

8. Simple Typography Paired with Monograms

Do all you want to with your designs but a blast from the past, a tinge of old school always adds an effect which is unmatched. Such designs and typography, majorly classics with the spacing and typefaces are making its way to the designs of today with a tinge of modernism.

Every typeface is beautiful in its own way but know to fuse properly and bringing in the novelty factor while everyone seems to follow the same old font will make all the difference.

The boundaries are pushed not just in the way we do business, it will also be in the ways we design the logos. With a massive spread of ideas and technique to choose from, this year definitely has more to offer than what we expect!

Have fun making the logos!

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