“Last month, my friend filed a infringement suit on a firm that illegally used his registered logo. It had been his trademark for years now. His lawyers’ scourge for legal justifications to gain a huge compensation on his behalf. He told me that brand logos are like human fingerprints, they are detailed, unique and difficult to alter. He insisted on hiring a professional logo designer to stay away from such lawsuits.”

Even corporate giants face such issues. There are several pending cases filed on copyright infringement. We are very much aware of such issues and hence we tell you the importance of consulting an experienced logo designer. There is an enormous number of articles and videos on how to make a good logo design. One can find plenty of free logos making applications online. But wait! Are those from the brains of professionals? Do they work to achieve your goals? Looking for logo designers in India? In this blog, we spoon out our years of professional expertise with thorough research in the field of marketing on what makes an appropriate, distinctive, and memorable logo. We give you the experts opinion.

One might think, “why should I invest a grand in sketching a symbol?”. Remember, your logo is your brand identity. It is okay to think twice before spending your hard-earned money. Now, close your eyes and think of a popular sports shoe. Did you think of the swoosh of NIKE? Puma? Reebok? Adidas? Okay, let’s try again. Think of your favorite smartphone brand. Apple? Oneplus? Huawei? Did the brand logo pop in your head out of nowhere? That is the power of a logo design.

Logos are a key business investment.

A good logo design is essential for successful business. In a country like India, logos are essential to make your organization stand apart. Corporates invest in designers to create a symbol that strikes a balance between legibility, hierarchy, and contrast. The corporate giants hunt for a logo that appropriately displays the core idea and feeling of the company. They believe in being super simple and memorable. They look for versatility keeping in mind where they stand in the next ten years. Let us take the example of NIKE. The swoosh represents athleticism, sportsmanship, and high quality. The popular swoosh was created in the year 1971 by a graphic design student named Carolyn Davidson. The world-renowned logo of the bitten apple symbolizes craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Their brand is a living vision and they never fail to deliver brand promises. Steve jobs hired a graphic designer Rob Janoff who created the present logo. It took years of providing best services to make the logo memorable. Do you know the history of McDonald’s subliminal golden curves? The owner depended on a design architect Stanely Meston who created arches that stand in the minds of a multimillion audience. So, what stops you from depending on a professional designer?

Colours impact consumer impression on the brand.

Are you aware of colour psychology? Did you know colours act as an essential tool? Colours help in making an impact on the customer’s brain. Colours direct our eyes where to look. Our professional designers work exactly according to colour psychology. Our intensive research helps us in knowing what works for what and whom. To be concise, every colour has a deep meaning within them in a different culture. In some cultures, white represents innocence whereas in other it represents death. Blue might represent masculinity in North America and Europe, but it is considered feminine in China. This makes us research the market before painting your symbols in colours. A professional strives to differentiate the meanings and puts in a colour that unanimously represent a common belief.

Prefer a timeless unique piece of work.

“It is easy to do complicated, its hard to do simple.” Our designers probably know that design trends come and goes quickly in the market. We do not ride on the tidal waves. We make iconic logos that stand the test of time. A client might say, “I want my logo to look be pretty; I want people to love my logo. It must speak a whole lot about us.” But a professional designer knows that is not what is required. We design logos by conducting a deep study of the market conditions, differentiate our purpose from the other existing brands and design a logo that is eye-catching. As professionals we know that a fashion brand would require an elegant design, a sports brand would be successful with a bold and dynamic design. That is what we work for. We give you only the best.

Why hire a professional logo designer?

Are you looking for logo designers in India? Beryl Agency renders you the professional expertise needed to create “that iconic logo” which you need. A design from a free logo designer would not be authentic. You would not need a logo that would just appear on the screen once you google “logo recommendations. “ You need a designer who you can trust, who would solve your marketing problems. Who doesn’t want a unique and authentic design that has a meaning, story and emotion connected to it? We don’t just create words and symbols; we create the next well-known icon of the world. Beryl agency promises to render you a symbol that is versatile and stands apart from your competitors.

Reach out to us for an iconic logo

Our professional designers know the ethics of business, and we are to be trusted. We give you assurance by signing a contract. We do intensive case studies of the contemporary market strategies before designing. Our experience in working with a bunch of successful organizations makes us trustworthy. We provide you with original and professional brand icons. You can rely on us for the expandability. You pay us for the fonts, the software we use. An experienced professional knows how to showcase his work with good client records. We have a portfolio of perfection.

Our experts are here to answer your frequently raised questions on logo designing. You ask, we answer.

What is a brand logo?

Logos are uniquely designed symbols for brand recognition. It can be graphic art, alphabets, calligraphy, or an emblem that easily identifies with the organization.

How should a good logo look like?

  • Simple and iconic
  • Memorable and relevant
  • Distinctive and unique
  • Bold and attractive
  • Versatile and timeless

How do I make my own logo?

Look for similar products in the market. Ensure you stand unique among your competitors. Double check with your legal advisor that your logo design is not already taken. Sketch, sketch, sketch. Try free style before using a design software. Design a logo that resembles your organization. Consult a professional logo designer before jumping into conclusions.

Which is the best free logo maker online?

Free logo makers allow you to swap colours and fonts according to your needs. On the other hand, free logo makers are not trustworthy. They do not help you in designing authentic logos. A professional designer knows the mood of the product/organization. Experienced designers ensure copyright terms.

What makes a strong brand logo?

A logo can be symbols, numeric, alphabets or abstract art. It must be visually appealing. Avoid putting too bright or too light colours. Know the perfect ratio. Don’t make it too complicated. Hire a professional to make a strong brand logo design.

What is logo theft?

Using a brand’s trademark without proper permission from its owner is called as logo theft. An appropriate name for logo theft is trademark infringement. Organisations have a design patent for their trademark or service mark.

How to identify a brand logo?

There are several logo recognition tools available. Look for logo patents registered. Make an appointment with a professional and experienced logo designer to get your own brand recognition.

Reach out to us to design a logo that can be optimized in pixels, that has the ease of marketing by placing anywhere to be noticed. A good logo must look clear even in monochrome. Above all to avoid infringement lawsuits, it is vital to hire a logo designer who can design a logo that resembles your organization. We are here to render you the perfect minimalist design that would make a huge difference. If you want to design a logo that makes you stand apart, you are here at the right place.

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