Recognized by Design x Design in 20 under 35 as one of the top emerging talents of India.
“Design is something that gives you a wow feeling. Working with craftsmen from various fields, I merge the poles of handicraft tradition with contemporary design to take a design to next level. Every single piece of mine is artistically handcrafted.”

Akshat’s Odyssey

So gleamed Akshat Raghava, who the reign of Beryl agencies as a Design head. He is the co-founder of Beryl India. He and his team offer complete designing solutions for the digital world and your interiors from branding, interior décor, website development to product designing. Each and everything he designs can be called a ‘statement piece.’ He is known for his to upend thinking which breaks the cliched designs in the industry. For more than a decade now, he has been mesmerizing people across the globe with his designs. Beryl takes immense pride in congratulating our co-founder for his unending achievements and recognition. Kudos to his new award that adds up to the pile!

Born and brought up in Moradabad, a city known for its handcrafted goods, his roots belong to the manufacturing of handicrafts. He attended the Rhode Island School of design, USA to explore the unseen in the field of design. With his expertise, he tries to fuse the traditional handcrafted materials and technology for uniquely created designs. Akshat Raghava is a name that is a brand in itself. He is a brand that designs such artistic and high-quality handcrafted pieces that would amaze any spectator. His family traditional business instilled the thirst for designing in him. He decided to stick to his roots and experiment with more innovative methods that give rise to interesting creations that are unique and wow. His designs timeless pieces, that cannot be related to a particular trend or an era.

Exploring the unexplored

There is a constant urge in him that calls out like a siren to create and design. He is often in search of diverse materials and possible techniques that would allow him to work with different artisans and craftsmen. His works are quite interesting and make people awestruck by looking at the fusion of conventional art and modern tech. He is always seen armed with confidence and charisma with an intellectual brain that is in constant search of inspiration. His ideas eschew the conventional protocols by pulling away from the stereotypes and using sustainable designs for the good of the environment. In any exhibit be it local or international, his designs never fail to intercept the visitors with its innovation.

He leaves his footprints wherever he goes. He’s got that inborn ability to entice people with his craftsmanship. He also believes in contributing back to society. He is the best in mentoring young designers and received the 2009 RISD Faculty award for his efforts. He started his career without much fanfare, but today his awards are milestones in his journey to success. His awards and international recognition are uncountable, and he continues to impress people with his designs by pushing the boundaries. He believes in simplicity and functionality and approaches with a futuristic outlook.

Recognitions and collaborations

His revolutionary designs were recognized in 2012 & 2014 and were awarded the I-Design award for Home Furniture, Lighting Design & Product Design. He has exhibited his noteworthy designs in many top-notch national and international exhibits. He has collaborated with craftsmen from various localities and his stunning creations are as follows. He has named his creations by their design. The Bell pendant lamp, the Blanco floor lamp, Acorn dining light, and Teepee Pendant lamp. Also visit his website to have a look at his amazing creation of lights and furniture:

Heard of Design x Design?

This year in 2021, it is a proud movement for Beryl and a landmark award for Akshat to have won the prestigious Design x Design 20 under 35 award.
‘Design by Design is a nonprofit venture by studio IF and Alliance Francaise de Delhi to create a public platform of multi-disciplinary exchange for contemporary design’. It facilitates designers for their works. His unshakable dedication and uniquely crafted designs had born him the fruit of recognition. It is his ability to seize every opportunity and execute it in an amazing way that has helped him achieve it.
Design by Design awards are awarded to the most talented designers in the industry and no one else deserves it better. It is a proud moment for Beryl to announce that Akshat is a recipient of 20 under 35 as a designer. He stands by the motto “keep pushing the boundaries.” He has his roots in handcrafts and his works demonstrate the designs of the local artisans with a high-tech fusion by taking it to the next level. “I design lights that make people interact with the environment. It makes people react. Lights instigate emotions. Be it nostalgia or a positive shock, it is a wow factor.” Says Akshat who is very passionate about designing. “Every design of mine is focused on the fusion of conventional handcrafts and what I have learned.”

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