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With utmost happiness we got to share our beautiful journey with our client Shreya, to make you realize how as product developers we gave a boost to her success. Let us hear what she has to say about us.

I run a successful coffee shop which is usually swamped at peak hours. When I started the shop, I was stern in providing my consumers with only quality products along with a relaxing experience. From day one I knew, investing in a good coffee maker would be the best decision. I was in search of a designer who would design me a coffee maker that would make a statement through its design.

I wanted them to design a machine without compromising its functionality as well. When I came in touch with Beryl India, I had a vague idea of how my product would look. From the beginning, I was very clear that I wanted a machine that would occupy a small space with multiple brewing options.

In such a manner, I will be able to give a pleasant experience to my customers without making them wait for long hours. Beryl India made my notion come true. They brought in the desired functionality with an exclusive exterior design.

Products are the protagonist, but designers are filmmakers.

The team is equipped with a modular thinking system, birthed a highly sophisticated espresso machine with the most interesting features in it. It was amazing to see a minimalist exterior design with complex functionalities internally.

They worked inside out without compromising my desires. When I placed it on my counter, not a single person failed to comment on the spectacular design. Whoever stepped in left the shop with a selfie near the counter holding a perpetually hot and fresh coffee.

There was an increase in the sales margin as the whole experience was hit on social media. Thanks to Beryl India.

The Team members were very friendly and articulated clearly what their experts do to create the best possible customer experience. Them, as product designers were the icing on the cake. U give them a Pizza Dough; they help your Pizza with toppings that will become the firm favorites of your consumers. 

The team walked me step by step through the phases of a product that undergoes in their creative hands and brain. From brainstorming the most absurd of ideas to the Perfect outcome. Let me put on the plate how they explained it to me. 

#1 Planting and harvesting. The phase of Ideation

The Creators were aware that every product was distinct in its own way. They never failed to look for the slightest stimuli in the environment for a notion. They spread their wings to a wide range and embrace the ideas scattered around. The design team looked for visually appealing designs that would be evergreen in the minds of my consumers.

They took into consideration the demographics as well as the human factors into account while designing my product that would stand apart from the competitors. Their designers made sure that they don’t compromise the quality in the name of quantity. It is a well-known fact that something that is packed has a huge impact on sales.

#2. Sorting and selecting. Feasible Design plan

How is the competition in the market? How different will it look from my competitor? Will it stand the test of time? Is it cost-effective? I had such questions that made me panic. Gracefully, they kneaded the concepts according to my satisfaction. Complete research in the field made their planning strategy best suited for my product preferences.

They transformed my thoughts into a unique brand design by scrutinizing the current position of the market. They always remembered to validate all future aspects. They say, “We in Beryl India strive to make the design that is the language of a product.”

#3. Pulping and Drying. Product Design Development

Navigating the market, their design plan acted as an anchor to sustain the cut-throat market. They helped me grasp the consumer recognition needed. The developers used 3D and 2D to develop the abstract concepts and shape the distinctive design as a feast to my eyes. Being a product designer means looking out for its flawless functions and its stable outcome.

In that stage, they dynamically evaluated the aesthetics and the practical stability of the design. Decisions were made on the cost of production, the reliability, the complexity involved in manufacturing with the materials needed. After all the research, a final design of the product was developed.

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#4: Milling the beans. CAD and CAM Sketching

The crew used a Computer-aided design for a preview of the product. 3D worked in a way to have a deeper view of the spaces, and we gained a fuller understanding of the design. At that phase, all the improvements needed were put to work. The computer model of our design divulged the pertaining issues that were not seen during the initial designing stages.

We got an opportunity to get back to scratch to make the necessary changes. CAM is Computer-aided Manufacturing. The computer-guided system allows us to see the physical prototype of the designed product.

#5 Grading/cupping. Prototype Screening.

No one can be a Jack-of-all-trades and so they innovate and Adapt. Testing allowed them to fix any issues that cannot be compromised at any cost. They did not get carried away with their designs without proper testing.

They utilized the testing process to get a thorough insight into the manufactured product for its robustness. They considered testing to be imperative to know the features better so that they could manufacture a flawless end product. They verified the relatability of the end product in comparison to the design phase.

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#6 Brewing. The pilots run.

This was a collaborative phase where the crew made sure that I was satisfied with the outcome. They sternly tried to validate my expectations with the outcome. When the Collateral was finalized, we prepared to launch the concept in its physically transformed form.

A double-check on the basis of real usage and target user experience was done. Most importantly, they did not shy away from getting the right product. We checked the boxes for one last time.

  • Appearance.
  • Functionality.
  • Quality.

#7 Drinking. Get the ball rolling.

Delivering the right product was the motto of both them and us. They stood by the assurance of quality. The perfect culmination of a form fit a function that was launched in my hands. From an abstract concept to the final product, they worked with all their brain and soul to deliver the right product to me.

That’s it! My ideation was ready to be manufactured in larger batches! I was also aware of the fact that, in the fast-moving world of technology, it is evident that there is always room for improvement.

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#8 There is always room for more.

Designers tend to revolutionize their designs in varied ways as years pass by. Everyday innovations are birthed that make a huge impact on society. People change, technology evolves, so does a product designer in the booming world of tech.

He keeps on equipping himself with new skill sets that makes room for more optimized designs than the existing ones. Designers dare to dream. In today’s world, their dreams have evolved from steam engines to hyperloops. They dream to make our lives easier.

We at Beryl India carefully follow the above steps for each one of our clients. Not Convinced yet? Unsure what we do? We certainly understand your perplexed state. We have put together some general questions to help you decide. 

Here are some explicit answers that would assist you to piece the puzzles together.

Can a product designer help me transform my ideas into reality?

You have come to the right place. We at Beryl India make your dreams come true. We go through seven stages carefully in bringing a concept from its seed to its fruit. Your products are conceptualized, designed accordingly, developed in CAD, and provide you with 3D and 2D drawings tested as well as validated for their efficiency and finally launched as a product.

How does a product designer face the challenges of product privacy? Will my ideas/concepts be kept secure from my competitors?

We have a standard NDA (Non-disclosure policy). Your project is kept safe from your competitors. To reduce the risk of disclosure, make sure you keep records of your patent as soon as your process your ideas.

How long does a product designer take to complete the development process?

It is highly unlikely to provide you with the time duration without knowing the exact details of the product. We take the utmost care in designing the production phase by phase to render perfection. Every customer is unique, similarly, every product and its materials are unique which makes it challenging to give you a timeline.

However, an average of 30 to 90 days is essential to launch a product. Deadlines are extended depending on the complexity of the designs. We will provide you with a timeframe before starting to work on your specific project.

Will Product designers work with my manufacturers?

Generally, we are open to collaborative efforts and happy to work with experienced personnel. But we would make sure that our way of work comes in line with your manufacturers before confirming the collaboration.

How does a product designer provide design files for prototyping and manufacturing?

We make the early prototypes (testing and verification) with Computer-Aided Designing files (CAD files). We provide the design files in 3D and 2D. The former being software designs and the latter are orthographic drawings.

Is a product designer professional? Do designers have engineers to work on the project on requirements?

Yes, we are equipped with experienced professionals and graduates in the house with great expertise.

What kind of products are designed by a product designer?

We offer designs in a variety of streams like furniture designing, ornamental/jewelers designing, equipment designing, interiors, exteriors, and the list goes on. We help our clients in conceptualization, improvisation, and marketing.

Regardless of what you are creating, when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, we help you in bringing your idea to life. Our design team strives to direct you towards the desired direction to achieve your goals efficiently with sustainability.

We help your products stand apart in the cutting-edge field of marketing. Thanks to computers we can bring tenable options to the table for our clients. An ordinary man focuses only on engineering, and he partially succeeds. Shreya was struggling to give her customers the satisfaction needed. She took the right decision of approaching us to solve her issue.

The efficient designing team at the house understood what the need of the hour was and designed a coffee machine that served her needs. We were successful in identifying the pertaining issues and engineered an appliance that would dispense coffee at the right time.

It helped her in satisfying her customers who were on their heels during peak hours. Our engineering brain built the appliance with materials that are eco-friendly.

In contrast to our competitors, we aim to provide comprehensive engineering that resonates with sustainable options. We don’t just stop with mechanisms we try to bring in a humanistic touch to our appliances.

Our work includes intuitive designs customized for the physically challenged. Through our concrete creativity, we try to strike a balance between research, innovation, and unconventional technology. A smart man takes his business towards success when he embraces art, business, and engineering.

If you have a plan, the product designers are probably the first stone among your steppingstones of success. In case you are about to launch a product, why not talk to us about your ideas? We transform your concepts from scratch to stores by taking the ideas phase by phase. We are here to create a connection between your ideas and the consumers.

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