The Need of The Hour for Start-Ups Is A Growth Hacking Agency Not a Digital Marketing Agency


Innumerable factors shoulder the responsibility of determining the success story of a start-up. Technology is developing at a lightning speed and among many such clandestine success formulae, this ascending speed and pliability are two paramount factors. Each and every start-up must put an endeavor to match up with the pace of the market through constant experiments to achieve the desired goals.

The contemporary scenario showcases that the digital space is competent enough and is growing big with every passing day. With the proficient development in the technological world, almost each and every company deems into e-commercialize their position in the market. The start-ups on the other hand, with a low promotional and marketing budget find it a little tough to highlight their new brand in the industry. Here, the role of a growth hacking agency steps in. It is a marketing practice sketched by growth hackers, who with analytical thinking, usage of social metrics and other creative techniques help the start-up owners to market their company’s core competencies, products, and services at a reasonable or low cost. For the start-ups, the growth hacking agencies cement in a concrete driveway for an accelerated growth.

The various growth hacking technicalities like CRM automation, influencer targeting, have helped start-ups succeed in a much better way than the traditional or high budget digital marketing propositions. A regular digital marketing agency is not the right solution in providing that nimble streamlined efficacy to start-ups. Growth hackers are charismatic craftsmen in designing prolific social media strategies and advertisements through Google and Facebook, holistically focusing on a low-cost budget. Such ingenious artistry is not possible to obtain by start-ups with any digital marketing agency.

Well, with just theoretical knowledge, the effectiveness and productivity of any technological phenomenon cannot be proved. There must be certain popular examples to suffice the connotations. Airbnb, Craigslist, Dropbox, Quora, and Facebook are few celebrated brands across the world that have used growth hacking over digital marketing in their initial stages.

Some of The Major Growth Hacking Approaches Are:

⦁ Developing private email lists
⦁ Targeting niche communities through web forums
⦁ Developing productive content writing
⦁ Guest blogging and podcasts
⦁ A/B testing

Growth hacking is the right solution for any sort of start-up due to the following factors:

The Compliance

Usually, for start-ups, long-term planning does not sustain and the marketing approach is highly amendable in nature. A good growth hacking agency will definitely understand the need of the start-up company and focus to promote its products and services through various channels and avenues at a low-budget. Frame the promotional propositions according to the needs of the targeted audience and the market.

For example, in a marketplace model, one week the goals might be to on-board new sellers and immediately the other week, the goals might change to increase the number of sales.


The mind-game or mindset is the principal difference between a growth–hacking agency and a digital marketing agency. A growth hacker uses a completely innovative idea to achieve goals. A growth hacking agency would use an SEO hack or an email marketing hack to achieve results. A growth hacker would tweak the process until it meets the skyrocket scale exponentially.

Ground Zero

Start-ups get the products right for the customers to justify the existence of the start-up. At their inception, they have no luxury of money or time and their survival strategy is very strict in pursuit of meeting the target. The growth hacking agencies with multiple stimulating and formative processes help the startups achieve their goals and take the business to the next level. Whereas, the digital marketing agencies help to maintain the position and brand of the company once it has already settled a name in the market.

User Experience

Growth hacking agencies are not only beneficial in letting startups gain more traffic attention with the low budget promotion. A growth hacker helps the start-up to fathom out the gaps in the development of marketing strategies and fixes them up.


A growth hacker adopts various procedures and ways to help start-ups reach a great level in the market. Social hacker creates social bookmarking and seeding content, product development, digital marketing, social media, project management, designing, and guide with initial entrepreneur visionaries.

Growth hacking agencies simply are the care centers or creche for the newly born companies who engineer the company’s or the start-up’s success path.

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