The Brighter Side of Being Quarantined


For the last four months, the world is witnessing a new virus spreading all over the countries and claiming lives. It is not the first time when the human race is witnessing a pandemic. Be it Black Death, Spanish flu, Cholera, or any other pandemic; the human race has seen the devastation before as well. Every time a new epidemic challenges the human race’s existence, we analyze and start following precautions to prevent it from spreading further while our scientists develop the cure.

The pandemic we are fighting with right now is Covid-19, widely known as Coronavirus. COVID-19 virus is a member of the flu family, and it all started in Wuhan, China. Gradually, it has now spread over 167 countries and increasing. The government of different nations began taking it seriously after noticing the rapid increase in the number of deaths. Later, the WHO declared it pandemic.

So, how did it spread across the continents? This virus doesn’t absorb in your skin. If it is in your hand, it can reach inside you only if you touch your eyes, mouth, or nose. That’s why doctors instructed us to avoid all human contact with each other, whether you are diagnosed or not. Precautions that we have to take to stop it the spreading is to stay isolated. However, it is not as simple as it seems.

What is happening in the world right now?-

So far, after continuous efforts, scientists were able to perform a test on an infected human recently in the USA. Results are still awaited. However, the government of countries is taking other precautions. Schools, colleges, universities, malls, and theatres are closed to prevent the spread of the disease. The World Health Organisation is taking all necessary steps to enlighten people more about their safety and precautions. Quarantine centres are being built to help sick people.

To avoid mass gatherings offices are closed, and employees are allowed to work from home. This will not only stop the spread of the virus at offices but also while travelling. Shopping malls, theatres, restaurants, event halls are ordered to be shut down so that people don’t gather around in masses. The mass gathering is prohibited.

The situation of the economy all over the world-

With mass lockdown around the world, the economy of countries is taking a severe hit right now. As Coronovirus pandemic (COVID-19) gripped almost the entire world, no sector remained directly or indirectly untouched from the disease. The collapse of Chinese city Wuhan- the epicentre of the epidemic- caused carnage across the all big share market, including India. The collapse of the world’s economy is predicted by so many.

The flipside of the coin

Enough with the negativity, let’s talk about the positive side now. I understand whether it’s on an individual level or mass level, this virus has caused some severe damage. People are slowly descending to depression and anxiety because of being quarantined for a very long time. Trades are stopped; the market is down, and so on.

Although the statistics on COVID-19 is devastating and scary, looking at the brighter side of the picture gives positivity. It is the need of the hour. Here are a few aspects. Keep scrolling-

  • After China shuts down Wuhan, the epicentre of the disease, people who were not even affected, self- quarantined themselves in other cities as well. Resultant NASA reported close to zero pollution over china after a very long time.
  • Working from home and freelancing lifestyle has always been a hot topic in the corporate sector. Yet, companies never seem to be entirely in favour of this trend. With the virus outbreak, we are witnessing a paradigm shift in word-place culture. Companies don’t have options but to allow their employees to work from home. This will present a new case study on work from the home trend.
  • With the excessive demand for supplies such as sanitizers, gloves, hand-wash, and masks, small vendors get to come in the picture directly to spread their wings.
  • Human beings are social animals, and it is challenging to stay isolated for a long time. But tell me how many times we get the chance to pause and think about what is beyond the redundancy of life. Not to brag about isolation, but Isaac Newton made few breakthrough discoveries during the London flu lockdown.
  • The compelling urge towards cleanliness that we have now is something we needed to include in our lifestyle for ages.
  • The sudden surge of the virus also gave momentum to the medical sector. Drug suppliers and manufacturers will see a rise in their next quarter turnover.
  • The insurance sector will also be one of the gainers as people will rush to insurance firms to secure themselves from the future epidemic.
  • Economic growth in China, Italy, Germany, and Iraq will take time to rebound their momentum. Other countries that partly affected by the epidemic will capitalize the trading opportunities.

The situation right now is dire. But it demands calmness, not panic. It requires our collective approach to cure the sick and find the solution or maybe a vaccine. Instead of blaming the ill to spread the disease or panicking, we all should utilize this time to work on ourselves.

Give time to your family and hobbies if you are self-quarantined. But most importantly, do not forget to take the necessary precautionary steps to avoid contact with the virus. Use sanitizers and soap, stay away from gatherings, and be positive! Help our government to fight this outbreak by taking all instructed precautions. Stay clean, stay safe.

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