Gift your Valentine a Website this season


You think of someone all day, smile like an idiot at their picture for no reason, you see them face to face and your heart is all fluttery and you crave for their existence. These are all the signs that you are falling for that person. When you are enamoured with someone you might feel like gift wrapping everything under the sun and giving them to show how much you love them. At times expressing in words can’t be enough or your brain fails to process the right combination of words that your heart seeks. That is where personalised gifts become your best friend.

Personalised gifts are a simple yet memorable way of gifting. There is a sudden surge on the internet of giving personalised gifts and rather than merely making a collage of photographs, a personalised website or just a website for their needs would show that you are really…really…concerned about them.

Gifts have a purpose untold

Gary Chapman puts words of affirmation and acts of service on top of his list of love languages. While we entirely agree with this, you can’t deny that gift-giving has its charm and tradition. After all, is there anything better than gifting your partner something, watching them get giddy with excitement, and seeing their face light up?

Valentine’s Day is on the cards and unfortunately, you are far away from them. To keep up the spirits of a relationship you may have to surprise your loved ones with a virtual gift this season. So, you have decided to gift them with a website and wondering how to make one! Do not worry. Beryl has you covered.

Gift your loved ones a thoughtful, virtual gift this season

Are you surfing the internet for the best gifting options? You ran out of ideas for this year and your wallet smirks at you. You want to give the best and express your love towards your special people and do not know what to give them that are unique. Don’t feel like you’re left out and helpless. We all have been there. We understand your concerns and so we are here to help.

Did you know that websites are not only for commercial purposes but can also be gifted to someone as a sweet gesture? This doesn’t mean you have to dish out an entire fortune! You can always find a simple way to show your concern towards them. You can gift a personalised website which would show that you have put some thought and effort into it and it will make them feel that they are truly valued.

There is a sudden surge on the internet of giving personalised gifts and rather than merely making a collage of photographs, a personalised website or just a website for their needs would show that you are really…really…concerned about them.

Show off your Love

With social media being flooded with pictures of couple goals and people document their personal life publicly. Gone are the days when showing off love and holding hands in public were considered anti-cultural. There is nothing wrong in a public display of love for each other. However, there is nothing inappropriate about it and it is adorable. There are many ways to express your love without even uttering a single word. One among them is preserving your memories with photos of lovable moments. This is where we hop in. We render you a website full of your special moments together that you want to preserve for your life. Imagine how cool it would be when you send a link to your partner and it has his/her name as the domain name! And when someone surfs the internet for his name they get to see the cute moments of you together. Aren’t they a couple goals? Ufff… Let not people keep nazar (wink). You can be the next trending couple on the web! Isn’t that exciting?

Virtual b’day party!

You have your special one’s birthday coming and you feel like you want something to virtually celebrate the day in a big way. You can always gift a website that would contain all the short videos of your close circle wishing and celebrating your loved one’s birthday. It can be made to be available forever on the website. It can contain the pictures of your favourite trips together, family dinners, all those funny quotes you love and to spice it up, it will be available on the web! You can also host a show that is one of its kinds for her/him. This will be kind of a unique thing to do on someone’s birthday.

Starting with forever?

If you are a newlywed couple, just engaged, or planning to propose, it can be a platform for you to propose to the love of your life with a specially curated website that would express your love to your special one and the whole world will know that you love her/him to the moon and back. While at times it can cost you an arm or leg to plan things in real life for a proposal, you can get a website for a song! It’s much cheaper than the other dramatic proposal options. It’s not just affordable, but can be overwhelming for your partner. It will be an amazing way to start your journey of life and preserve it for life.

Go virtual; show that you are in this together

2020 was a roller coaster like none other. The pandemic, on a positive note, made us all come up with creative ways. People learned to manage life by committing to things that one would’ve brushed off in the past. One of the major life-style changes that we were all forced to do was to quickly adapt to the virtual world.

People, especially the megastores easily shifted to the virtual world leaving the ordinary to suffer during the tough times. Hence, we realised that owning a website would be the best way to survive in the market.

However, the pandemic not only overwhelmed them but was also ruthless towards several businesses. Businesses that relied solely on their brick-and-mortar retail sales, found themselves in a pickle. While people are struggling to keep their businesses afoot, why don’t we contribute something as a token of love?

Keep up with the spirit and gift a website!

Creating a website for your business is no easy work. Especially in a world where people are all about the ‘aesthetics’, finding a way to make your website aesthetically pleasing, sophisticated, user-friendly and interactive requires quite a bit of work; work that can be done in no time when in the hands of a professional. This is where we come in.

At Beryl’s, our professional designers are constantly looking for innovative ways to create jaw-dropping designs that never fail to satisfy our clients. Our enthusiastic teams of designers keep an eye out for emerging trends and make sure to incorporate them into their designs. Our goal is to ensure that you don’t have to bear the frustrating responsibility of creating a website yourself but can focus entirely on making your relationships last.

Add credibility to your partner’s business

The online presence of a business is most looked for in the wave of shopping. Research shows that, when people see their favourite store online, there is a higher chance of purchasing. Hence, gifting a website will be the best thing you could do this Valentine’s Day.

A good website will cover the latest trends pertaining to the industry and provide all the essential information about the product or a company. You can solve your purpose of gratification or show your love by gifting a bespoke website that makes your partner stand out from the crowd. Adding to that, a website is for eternity and whenever he/she sees the website they would think of you.

Surprise your Valentine like a darling!

When love is all about thinking of someone all the time, this would be the perfect option to give this Valentine’s Day. While any relationship has its ups and downs, making an effort to a lasting relationship is inevitable. Our UX designers, with experience of over a decade, know exactly what needed for a business to thrive is. We help you pour out your emotions as a gift in one place. It always does not have to be a cheesy and romantic thing. Being thoughtful and making the other one feels valued can show a lot about how much you’ve grown together these years. When you’ve done pouring your emotions, with e-cards and e-mails it is time to make them their own website.

Does it mean that you will have to gift a website only for Valentine’s Day? No! We also make you a personalised website with a private link to share with so that only the people you want will be scrolling through your private life. We offer website designing services to flaunt the photos you need to show off, to gift as a birthday gift, or any special occasion. On the whole, gifts are for everyone. Place your trust in us and we will prove you right!


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